Fenteng, adhering to the freedom of beginner's mind, to filter out various distractions, focus on leisurewear industry has 18 years. Across the country set up shop

and store a total of 4000. With solid quality, unique style and high quality service, to win customers the trust and respect, also

created a lot of leisurewear industry's NO. 1.


In 2007, it became a Vice-chairman Unit of China’s Professional Committee of Household Clothing

In January 2008, trademark of “Fenteng” was rated as "Guangdong Famous Trademark"

In September 2008, it was awarded with the honor of “China's Top Ten Household Clothing Brands”

In May 2010, Guangzhou Liumu Trade Co., Ltd, namely National Marketing Center of Fenteng, was founded, marking completion of strategic layout for production-marketing separation

In 2011, new image of Fenteng was widely built, dominating a market-leading position

In September 2011, Fenteng was granted with two honors of “China’s Top Ten Household Clothing” and “Thematic Award of China’s Household Clothing Brands”

In September 2012, Fenteng held the industry's largest new product presentation and the 15th anniversary celebration party

In September 2013, it became a member unit of “Chinese Sleep Research Society” and created Fenteng healthy sleep series, second to none in the industry

Brand under Liumu