Fenteng, adhering to the freedom of beginner's mind, to filter out various distractions, focus on leisurewear industry has 18 years. Across the country set up shop

and store a total of 4000. With solid quality, unique style and high quality service, to win customers the trust and respect, also

created a lot of leisurewear industry's NO. 1.


Life is not only for the sake of life/freedom is not only for the sake of freedom/charm of Fenteng lies in what is beyond Fenteng

Life is for the sake of life/comfort comes from tolerance/consideration of Fenteng rests within Fenteng

Life creates life/freshness blends freshness/taste of Fenteng is created by life and blended with freshness

Accompanying is love and life/is full of joy/accompanying of Fenteng has always been ubiquitous; with love, there is joy

Brand under Liumu