Fenteng, adhering to the freedom of beginner's mind, to filter out various distractions, focus on leisurewear industry has 18 years. Across the country set up shop

and store a total of 4000. With solid quality, unique style and high quality service, to win customers the trust and respect, also

created a lot of leisurewear industry's NO. 1.

一个感冒打出来的 中国休闲家居服品牌帝国
A cold hit out of the Chinese leisure clothing brand Empire

Twenty years ago, in Chaoyang, a small town of Shantou, the largest production base for household clothing in China, a young mother worked for a household clothing factory. She worked overtime to the early morning every day; however, no matter how tired she was, she would give a gentle kiss on cheek of her sleeping baby. That spring, many workers of the factory got a flu so that, instead of kissing, the mother just gave a gentle hug to the baby after work; however, it was due to this gentle hug that the baby caught a bad cold with a fever on the second day; crying out of her worry, the young mother asked for leave but was turned down by the factory so that, in anger, she handed in her resignation immediately. The doctor said that the child's cold should be 60% put down to bacterial infection from parents so that, after coming home, before touching child, they’d better change their dirty clothes with clean ones.

The mother was rather upset: what I made was household clothing and how could I have no idea to change the dirty clothes with clean household clothing; unexpectedly, household clothing was of great influence to the family health.

In 1998, a household clothing company called as Fenteng was founded. Upholding designer’s sensitive aesthetic appreciation and great love to family, this mother made household clothing distinctly different from traditional pajamas and brought about a new concept that “one could also go outside home in pajamas”, leading trend of China’s entire household clothing industry for a time and creating a leading brand of household clothing industry.

After 18 years having gone by from then, although Fenteng now has had more than 5,000 sales terminals, 60% customers still do not know what is the difference between pajamas and household clothing and 99% customers still do not know that child’s cold should be 60% put down to bacterial infection from parents.

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